**Note: CBE Teachers! The CBE has Web 2.0 Guidelines! Please review these guidelines prior to using Web 2.0 tools! Here is the link: CBE Web 2.0 Guidelines**

Blogs are a great tool to use with your ELL students. It can also be used as a space to create Identity Texts. Web 2.0 tools such as "Wordpress" provide students with multimodal opportunities to add text, pictures, and videos. Students can use blogs as an alternative mode of representation (i.e. instead of a poster for an assignment, they can use a blog to show what they know). Blogs can also be used as a communication tool with parents and students. For example, there are Desire 2 Learn blogs available(click here to see an example). This blog can be used to communicate general class information (i.e. homework, links to websites etc.).

Here are some examples of classroom blogs from around the world:

Edublogger Examples

Here are some student examples of blogs:

Student Blog Examples