What are Identity Texts?

"Identity Texts [describe] the products of students' creative work or performances carried out within the pedagogical space orchestrated by the classroom teacher. Students invest their identities in the creation of these texts-which can be written, spoken, signed, visual, musical, dramatic, or combinations in multimodal form. The identity text then holds a mirror up to students in which their identities are reflected back in a positive light" (Cummins & Early, 2011, p.3). These texts empower students by providing them with a voice.

Check out some of the Identity Texts created by Canadian students (Please click on the links below):

Multiliteracy Projects

Dual Language Book Project

Thornwood Public School


Cummins, J. & Early, M. (2011). Identity texts: The collaborative creation of power in multilingual schools. Sterling,USA: Trentham Books.