**Note: CBE Teachers! The CBE has Web 2.0 Guidelines! Please review these guidelines prior to using Web 2.0 tools! Here is the link: CBE Web 2.0 Guidelines**

Wikis are a neat environment to use with your ELL students. Many of you maybe familiar with sites such as Wikipedia, where ordinary individuals collaborate to co-author a piece of text. Wikis can be used with students to build literacy. For example, teachers can use wikis with students to create Hypertext fiction. Hypertext fiction are excited as they allow students to combine text and hyperlinks (links to websites). Students can link words to pictures, websites etc.. Please click on the link below to see an example from one of my graduate classes:

LLED 565 Hypertext Fiction Example

Wikis can sometimes be difficult to use especially when creating links etc.. However, many school boards are beginning to provide the option of wikis to use in the classroom. Also, there are many simplified Wiki environments available online (which are similiar to blogs).

If you are not able to access a Wiki and would like to try out the Hypertext Fiction and alterative is to use Microsoft Word and get your students to create a story with hyperlinks using the tools within Word.