Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Analysis begins…

My data collection is over.┬áIt was such a “magical” time of talking to kids and teachers and gaining the answers to my many questions. However, as with everything “good things have to come to an end,” and I am on to the interesting task of data analysis and beginning to conceptualize of how I will be writing up my dissertation. Wow! Another interesting stage in the quest to get a doctorate.

These past few months have been amazing. As I reflect back on my many conference experiences and getting an opportunity to share my work, I have gained a new love for the work that I am doing. Now if only I could clear off that darn “to do list.” Ironically none of the items on this list have anything to do with my dissertation. However, as I have found with PhD student life in general you spent most of the time doing work that has NOTHING to do with your actual studies.

What I have found most fun about the analysis process/dissertation quest is the opportunity to be multimodal. I am pulling out my coloured markers and sketch book to visually map out of my dissertation. It has been fun and also it has helped me to see the bigger picture in terms of where I need to go to complete my dissertation.

FullSizeRender (1)

Looking forward to sharing more about my analysis as they unfold.