Monthly Archives: August 2015

Documenting the life of a PhD Student

I did this awhile back and I am doing it again. I just love taking pictures using my iPhone!

Working again. Yes, it’s a Saturday!

My new boss! He is supervising me while I work.

Can’t capture music in a photo. But my iTunes serenading me in the background.

Tea? This PhD student is cutting caffeine.

Catching up with the literature and enjoying a HK style milk tea. It’s only 5pm and the day is still young.

Another “workend”

I am visiting family this weekend in another city. As usual I am still working away on my computer. Apparently the work is never done. However, I am grateful for the doggie niece strolls along the river valley. 

My work has switched to “perfecting” (or trying to perfect) a few abstracts. It is interesting how restrictive word limits are. I spent about 15 minutes trying to omit 4 words from the word count since I was over the 300 required. Also, I often find that my ideas are better expressed if I change just one word. 

Regardless, I can’t believe it is already August.