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Wait!! My iPad apps read to me! Yeah!!!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.50.51 AM

Another snowy day in Alberta. After being on the west coast for sometime, it has been a shock to my system to be back in -20 degrees Celsius and below territory. ┬áToday it’s frigid and the snow keeps coming. I have already been out once in my “fancy” snow gear (my trusty grade 6 hot pink snowpants, purple ski jacket and green ski hat) to shovel the snow.

So my post isn’t about the Canadian winters. Yesterday I discovered that my Goodreads app (in the latest update) on my iPad reads PDF articles to me. I also discovered that my Kindle app has a similar feature. All I can say is, “yeah!!! I can spice up my reading now.” As a PhD student, I am sure many fellow students can attest, your eyes are exhausted when you read. It is nice to have an alternative mode.

Of course, this discovery has really got me thinking about how this app could work in a classroom. In particular the assistive technology potential for kids that prefer an auditory mode of learning or need it. It might mean scanning class handouts and uploading them into the app so that the child can annotate or have the app read the document out loud. So many ways to use these apps within a classroom context. Looking forward to sharing more of my ideas at conferences in the future.