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Tips for Teaching Eportfolios


It’s that time again when Teacher Candidates are preparing their eportfolios for job interviews or practicing teachers are updating their eportfolios. The past week (and this coming week) I have been conducting some tech workshops on how to do eportfolios. However, I always get asked what should I put in my eportfolios, what are employers (i.e. school boards and administrators) looking for?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Have a clearly written teaching philosophy. In the past I told my students and colleagues to jot down their beliefs about learning (how kids learn), assessment, classroom management etc. It doesn’t have to be long but it is important to know what you believe in and be able to articulate it clearly. You will be asked over and over again during your teaching career what you believe in.  It’s always good to know “why” you are doing something. Don’t be scared to link it to the course readings or scholars!
  • Pick artifacts that showcase your skills (i.e. pictures that show your best practices (i.e. pedagogical documentation panels etc.). Be reflective when making your choices. How do you want to present yourself? Does your choice of artifact connect to your teaching philosophy? Remember to adhere to the Privacy Act rules when picking your artifacts.
  • Personalize it! You want your employers to get a sense of you as a person as well as a potential colleague.
  • Avoid putting lots of text. Add pictures and videos. Make it fun!
  • In my original eportfolio (back in my teacher education days), I included student quotes.  I also tried to showcase my best work from my teacher education experience (i.e. lesson plans, IPP examples etc.).
  • Include letters of references
  • Showcase things you have done in the community etc.
  • The entire purpose of a eportfolio is for you to reflect on your teaching experience. Enjoy it!