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Part of what I have learned as a PhD student is that you are constantly juggling a bunch of hats (balls whatever you want to call it) as an academic. It sounds like there isn’t much difference between that and my time in the school board except I can say it has been more insane. I have been writing like a maniac all evening between checking my email periodically (and answering those that fly into my inbox so I don’t forgot) and mentally preparing to teach tomorrow AM. That isn’t including the work I had done earlier in the day (prepare for a workshop and plan for teaching). What drives me nuts is that I will shortly have to turn off the computer and end my very productive evening of writing to sleep (or else my students will see a very CRANKY PhD student tomorrow AM). My question for experienced academics is how do you do it? For the emerging (if you can even call it that) academic such as myself, who has not even finished her PhD yet, this is insanity. There is always this guilt when I turn on the TV to quote “have some down time” quote but really I am still working on my marking while I watch TV.  We haven’t even added abstract and publication deadlines into the mix today (ha!). It is a very interesting puzzle for me that I need to really contemplate…this idea of how can one person do it all?