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Survived (?) Conference Season

Hard to believe that Conference Season is in full swing again. I can honestly say that past couple of months have been crazy. I have enjoyed the opportunities to discuss my early research findings. However, the number of hours devoted to prep for these short 20 minute presentations have provided this PhD student with a glimpse of an academic’s life or at least one angle of this life. Perhaps what has really stuck with me recently is this idea of entering the discourse. It seems rather simple a concept but actually it is quite difficult especially for a novice researcher who is still figuring out what the discourse is. 

So what about my research? As I have mentioned in the past, my dissertation examines the literacy practices of Elementary aged English Language Learners in a Technology-Enhanced classroom.  What is particularly fascinating for me is that glimpse into the various purposeful choices these students make when engaging in meaning making. My participants engage in a variety of different literacies (digital and non-digital) in both classroom setting and outside. Looking forward to sharing more soon.