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Digital Cameras and Classrooms




My writing breaks lately have consisted of taking mid-afternoon walks. I have really enjoyed connecting with nature and taking in the sights and sounds of my neighbourhood. What I have really loved is capturing what I see with my iphone camera.  As you can see from my various photos posted here,  an iphone camera is pretty incredible. If you have an ipad, ipod etc. and you are not using it, you may want to consider using it with your kids when you are teaching. Some examples of what you can do in your classroom:

  • Nature walk
  • Math Curricular Connections (i.e. capture the various patterns in the playground)
  • Capturing Art in our World
  • Starting an Inquiry
  • Stories told through Pictures

Of course this list is rather limited and there are so many others ideas I could list. However, if you aren’t using digital cameras or devices in your classroom, you may want to give it a try.  I find it especially helpful in an elementary classroom where often kids struggle with their fine motor skills and it provides an alternative for these children to show what they know. One other benefit of using a digital camera is that students can revisit their learning later. Perhaps they can reflect in their journals or blogs about a particular picture at a later date. It also a great way to engage in formative assessment for teachers.  These pictures can be part of a pedagogical documentation panel or something you show during a parent/teacher interview.


Capturing the Monday of a PhD Student

It is gloomy day when I wake up. However I can see the sun trying to peek out across the way when I look out the window.

Seabus ride. Uneventful ride but my iPod makes it pretty exciting. Today the tunes are a combination of Top 40 (Problem-Arianna Grande) and dance numbers (Pitball, Usher, etc.).

Stopped at Starbucks prior to the Seabus ride. My “Truth North” coffee with milk and sugar is just what I need.

Walking to the Digital Literacy Centre. Is it blue sky?! Yeah!!!

Yes, a SMART board, I am excited to get my hands on it.

A break before the afternoon session (reading assessment workshop). I just love spring in Vancouver.

Dinner out with a friend. There was this lovely elderly Chinese couple beside us. They were so excited about the food and life. It was great to be reminded that the little things in life bring happiness. 🙂

Waiting for that light to change. It took forever.

Sunset in Vancouver as I walk home from dinner. What a great view!

Yes, back at my computer again. No rest for the weary. I wonder how many more hours I will get tonight! 😉

More PhD Student Photo Documentation

I started my day off relatively quiet. It was pouring out, the usual Vancouver special.

Checked my email (answered a few of them from my students) and then surfed over to Twitter. A healthy dose of social media always helps me get ready to work.

Made myself a cup of coffee. I am beginning to realize that coffee is “life’s blood.” Can’t live without it!

I start planning my week of teaching. I just love keynote lately. The colours are awesome! How am I am going to engage my students this week?

Getting my shoes on so I can enjoy lunch (?) or Brunch (?) with a friend.

Back to the “grind!” My lovely mess of my books on the floor.

Oh wait there is more!