Technology Case- Digital Assisted Instructional Plan (DAIP)

Learner Profile: Introducing My Student


Student Name: Tom

Grade: 5

He is an intermediate ESL student. He moved to Toronto  with his parents from China three years ago.  His parents moved to Vancouver because his father got a better job.  He has a younger sister who is in Grade 1.


  • He is an excellent artist (drawing) and loves music (especially pop music).
  • He is athletic (outside of school he is enrolled in a community soccer program).
  • He likes to compose music.
  • He uses the computer regularly at home to play video games.
  • He loves dinosaurs and Pokemon.


Learning Needs:

  • He reads below grade level (approximately grade 3) and he does not like to read.  He does not read fluently.
  • He has writing output issues.
  • He struggles with Math. He does not know his basic facts and he has issues with word problems.
  • He is easily distracted by his peers.
  • He works best when he is sitting on his own.
  • He learns best with audio and visuals.


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