Technology Case- Digital Assisted Instructional Plan (DAIP)

Digital Learning Tool Options


Digital Learning Tool Options

Based on his learning profile, Tom could potentially use the following digital tools:

  • Read & Write Gold (Text to Speech Software)  He can use this program to assist with his writing. The program works with Microsoft Word. It has a dictionary, word predictor feature and it reads the text aloud.  There is a mobile learning stick (USB) that allows Tom to bring the software home to use on his home computer. 
  • SMART Notebook ( : He can use this software to show his learning visually.  The SMART Notebook download code will be provided to Tom so that he can download the software on his home computer.
  • Podcasting (GarageBand or Audacity): Tom can record his reading using this tool.  It can be an assessment tool for the teacher as well as a self assessment one for Tom. Tom can also use this type of software to record music he has composed.
  • Ipad Apps: Tom can listen to Audiobooks.  He can also create Ebooks (using the Creative Book Builder App).
  • Desire 2 Learn ( An online learning environment has been created for the class.  There are several features available which will help Tom (i.e. assessment tool, journal tool). Tom can access these tools both at school and at home.


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