Technology Case- Digital Assisted Instructional Plan (DAIP)

Instructional Plan for Math


Instructional Plan for Math

Addressing Tom’s Needs:

  • Tom will create an individual SMART virtual word wall. He will add math content area vocabulary to his virtual word wall.  As he is a both an auditory and visual learner, the definitions for the words he adds will include the definition read (using audacity and inserting/linking the audio file into SMART notebook), a written definition and  a visual (if possible).  He can bring this virtual word wall home with him using dropbox, google docs etc..
  • As Tom has some reading issues, word problems will be typed into Microsoft Word and he can use Read & Write Gold to read the text to him. 
  • Tom does not know his basic facts. A mini basic facts assessment tool has been designed within the online learning environment (Desire 2 Learn).  He is able to log into this environment and practice his basic facts both at home and in the classroom. His progress is documented and the teacher is able to access this information to monitor how he is doing.
  • Tom can use SMART notebook to show his math learning.



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