Technology Case- Digital Assisted Instructional Plan (DAIP)

Instructional Plan for Language Arts


Instructional Plan for Language Arts

Addressing Tom’s Needs:

  • Tom will create an individual SMART virtual word wall. He will add content area vocabulary to his virtual word wall.  As he is a both an auditory and visual learner, the definitions for the words he adds will include the definition read (using audacity and inserting/linking the audio file into SMART notebook), a written definition and a visual (if possible).  He can bring this virtual word wall home with him using dropbox, google docs etc..
  • Tom will use Read & Write Gold at school and at home to do all of his writing.  He will work on his typing skills to improve this skill at home ( ). 
  • From his learning profile, we know that Tom likes dinosaurs, Pokemon and soccer.  Digital books on these topics will be downloaded for him to read on an ipad.
  • Tom will use podcasting software to record himself reading.  These recordings will be used for teacher assessment and self assessment.  The teacher will present Tom with a reading rubric to help him self assess his reading.
  • Tom will use the ipad app, Creative Book Builder, to create Epubs. This exercise will hopefully help him to improve on his writing.
  • After reading a book, Tom can use apps on the ipad to draw his understanding. He can also use Garageband to record his understanding through music (i.e. creating a song).

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