Current Research Projects

April 2022-Present: An Ethnographic Case Study Elementary English language Learners in an Online Classroom. Online learning experiences of elementary ELL students. Researcher: Melanie M. Wong

September 2021-Present: Mapping our Communities: Shifting towards Place-Based Pedagogies in the Primary Years Cohort. Place-based learning experiences with Teacher Candidates. Co-researchers: Iris Berger (principal investigator) and Melanie M. Wong (co-researcher). 

April 2021-Present: Dancing through the Pandemic: Experiences of Remote Learning in a K-12 Ballet School. Remote learning experiences in a ballet school. Co-researchers: Melanie M. Wong (principal investigator) and Graham Lea (University of Manitoba)

2013-Present: The academic discourse socialization of first-year PhD students in a Canadian university. A study of the lived experiences of four PhD colleagues in their first year. Co-researchers: John Haggerty, Melanie Wong, Tomoyo Okuda, and Ernesto Pena

January 2015-Completed: An Ethnographic Case Study of the Literacy Practices of English Language Learners within an Grade 5/6 Technology-Enhanced Classroom. Dissertation Study. Researcher: Melanie M. Wong (Supervisors: Drs. Margaret Early and Steven Talmy).

2020-Present: (Re)thinking Medical Interviews. Researcher: Melanie M. Wong.

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