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Blogging in Edmonton

I said I would start blogging and apparently I haven’t been very good at making this happen. So I am now sitting in Edmonton blogging on the couch (literally typing this post with my iPhone).

I often get questions about what I am up to academically and at work. Currently I am reading a book and trying to put together a book review for a journal. I am also working on a paper I am hoping to push out to a journal. Of course this happens in the cracks of time after my day job. Most days it is pretty hard to get motivated to do much after the day job since I am quite frankly exhausted.

My day job is a busy one but it is rewarding as I am working with teachers to improve the teaching practice in their classrooms.

I often wish I had more hours in a day and more time to do finish the projects I have started but I am realizing this is not my reality.